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United election day: Not Turkmenian yet, but Belarussian already

September 14 took place the biggest United Election Day, which included, inter alia, the Moscow City Duma elections (the first from the far 2009), the governors of St. Petersburg and Nizhny Novgorod province. The election results in specific regions will be analyzed by the herd of political consultants and other experts («Civic Platform» has is a very interesting result in Yakutsk), and I would like to point out - this is obvious, it should be noted the complete success of the new technology of the election, the authorities used since 2012 to wave of domestic political reaction after the protest movement in 2011-2012. This technique, call it «the bubble of 2012», for the first time, in my opinion, has been applied in the mayoral elections in Khimki with such powerful figures as Oleg Mitvol and hysterical liberal Eugeniya Chirikova. Characteristic features of the art «Bubble 2012»:

Election Day  in Moskvabad. ITAR-TASS

- The minimum amount of agitation at all, including and for the pro-government candidate;
- As far as possible, with the exception of the discussion;
- A minimum of information about the elections (as much information messages as necessary under acc. Law);
- Places a clear impact on the opposition candidates, but without the hard pressure. Oppositionists second grade, as a rule, do not even register.

In the 2013-2014. Add to this shift EDG for two months, this year spring EDG passed in May, autumn - 14 September. In addition, elections were held in two phases - with early voting. So, in a sunny Moskvabad voted early and buy Vladimir Putin. As a result, the national average turnout was just over 20%. Here is the clearest example from my own experience: he went to vote in municipal elections in a typical suburban town. Day, time afternoon. Remained at the site about 10 minutes. All this time, of the voters in the area are just three people including myself. That is to say whatever was the turnout is not necessary at all. 70%, sometimes even 80% of voters in the election did not come. Why? It is obvious that the majority of voters engaged traditional Russian era putinism activities: watching NTV nazhiratsya seeds and beer, choked barbecue in the country, small need to cope with balconies. But is all of 70%, sometimes 80%? Of course not. The answer is in the parameters of the technical design of the electoral process. After the elections in Khimki I personally have many friends - residents of the largest city near Moscow with genuine surprise was told that they are not "stupid ass" and certainly would have voted, but on election day did not know anything. This tactic this hour, in the first year of use, makes its effect. All the important people koi were to be elected (with all necessary and also not less important people, everything was negotiated for six months or a year) were elected / re-elected. However, the percentage of idiots in the Russian society has been steadily declining, even if it remains very high. And in this hour manifest pain points such technology choices - the same "bubble".

Rotten circus sobyaninga on one of the metropolitan areas of thinned performance a la Femen. The organization denied any involvement in the campaign. Photo Andrew Mahoning / Gazeta.Ru

Young, active and sufficiently opposition-minded voters (and they are also taxpayers) will no longer go to the polls, finally, but ignore their opinion can not be physically, because they - graduate students, programmers, translators, businessmen, those who are called civil society activists. These people, so without thinking, at least 10% of the total number of voters staying away from the formal political process (which is the election of the various levels) will finally not only unfriendly Putinism, but often, and Russia. Example Andrei Makarevich and related scandal this year, the most brilliant and famous. The clearest example of how such a system has played a bad joke with the creators of the system was the city of Vladimir and Dmitry -  Poltavchenko elected governor with 79% of the vote. That is clearly not yet account Turkmen, but Belarusian.

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